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Young couple s interior design apartment 100m2

As described in the project description, this family is a solution for a young couple looking forward to their first child. The interior design of this apartment is designed to make room for all the space needed for home development. From entertainment to children, to romantic nights for parents and weekend entertainment with guests. About half of the 100-square-meter homes provide space for family leisure activities and reunion activities. The other half is reserved for private time.

From this perspective, it is easy to see the difference between public and private spaces.

The “open” layout of the living room transforms into a master bedroom, creating a convenient passage.

The natural style makes the space feel soothing and refreshing.

Indoor and natural wood are the perfect complement to the blue sofa in the living room.

The decorative vase brings the most important color and is a touch of bright color in the living room.

Thanks to the “open” layout of the living room, parents can easily see family members while preparing meals.

Thanks to them, they can interact with guests in the same way!

Although the living room is more focused on organic materials, the kitchen uses a lot of marble and ceramic to create a clear look.

The kitchen provides enough functionality, but the difference is that there is no "open" theme kitchen.

A set of glasses is very cute and eye catching.

A simple dining environment that emphasizes the comfort of the home.

At the top, the light color of the chandelier is concentrated in the desktop area.

This is the magical and inspiring look of the children's room!

The young designer's decoration is far from normal enough for him to use in his old age or adulthood.

The soft cushions provide a safe place for children to play during the day.

In the evening, the carpet can also help the children fall asleep quietly when they are lazy.

There is also a sweet little tent! It is ideal for telling stories and even taking a nap for a baby.

This is a bedroom for geographers with a map of the world on the wall.

Although there are few natural details, this room can enjoy some ideal outdoor lighting.

The white cabinets have many shelves and introduce the family image in the most magnificent way.

This is a place to start and end sooner or later, with a tropical feel and close to nature.


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