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Vinhomes style interior design Tropical - Ms Vy

Tropical style in interior design is the blue design of nature. Inspired by the tropics, the vast blue of the sea or the luxuriant trees. The house we have introduced is half Tropical, half modern. This is worth your while to discover what the most amazing. In this design we designed.

Interior design of living room

Covered by the green of the leaves creates a fresh air from the first sight full of enchanting. From the sofa pillow to the wall paper "tree leaves" affirm a homogeneous theme.

The rest of the interior is adjusted in modern style. Performance is at the top of the form, the angle of view in the direction of today s modern.

Modern TV shelves and shelves are suitable for wallpapers of the same color. Mixing between the two styles will make you feel very different from the two views.

Dining room furniture is made from oak wood because of its characteristic wood-owning properties. Accompanying the dining room is a very elaborate wooden sculpture frame. With the view from here, the carved lines together with the dining lights create harmony for the kitchen space.

L-shaped curved space, inside the glass also has a tropical leaf wallpaper. Refrigerators have a "roof" cupboard very useful. It protects the surface of the refrigerator just stylish.

Interior design master bedroom space.

Interior design baby bedroom space.

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