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Thu Thiem tunnel scaffolding injured a paralyzed traffic

About 5am this morning (15/10/2018) at the entrance to Thu Thiem Tunnel happened the problem to blockade the whole tunnel and guide traffic moving through another route. Therefore, nearby roads such as Sai Gon Bridge or Thu Thiem Bridge are seriously impaired.

The accident was caused by a truck carrying too much fruit so it hit the scaffolding to prevent the material falling down while working on the overpass is under construction fruit fell many at the road.

Thu Thiem tunnel is the main road to the car in the center of District 1 quickly so the car is very large. This has made the route as Mai Chi Tho, Nguyen Huu Canh making these routes during peak hours completely paralyzed.

Young man injured when hit the scaffolding is also being treated, incident occurred, car accident has escaped.

District 2 police are examining the scene and watching the camera to investigate the culprit and handling the iron frames out of the tunnel to avoid traffic jams tomorrow.


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