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Thiết kế nội thất căn hộ màu ấm tươi sáng 50m2

Interior design of warm apartments will help your apartment bright, warm with family reunion.

Decorate a soft bronze living room stretching behind a modern gray sofa. This gray living room looks great with a bronze table lamp to give a generous color of accent color, but a bronze bowl adds a touch of sophistication to the coffee table.

A structural support column has been covered with copper effect to blend it with the dining room decoration.

A small table next to the couch divides the planned room into a separate dining and living room area. In front of the sofa, there is another brass wall that provides a fashionable setting for television and wood burning fireplace.

At the other end of the living room, a black spiral staircase swirled upstairs.

Modern art work of bronze color makes the kitchen more special.

The luxurious dining table has a table placed on wide amber glass shelves, suitable for the surrounding brass accents. Black dining chairs and a bench with the same table top are suitable for design.

A set of black dining room lights hovering on a modern dining table.

The black desk surface is routed on one side to add fun to the unique dining table.

The translucency of the dining table leg allows the dining chairs to pass through, tinted by the copper filter.

Decorate cool gray concrete balancing the warmth of pieces of brass accents.


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