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The simple way to get rich by the waste of the sea

In everyday life, sponge is a familiar, safe and effective cleaning tool. As the name suggests, sponges are harvested in deep water. They are the bones of marine animals. In Roman times, sponges were the only items retained by the nobility.

In Europe, a town known for its development and commercial sponges. The daily work of people here is to sneak into the sea and use "natural wipes." This special profession has a history of more than 300 years.

Every day, people sneak into the deep sea to use "natural wipes"

Today, industrial sponges can be made using modern technology, but natural sponges are still very popular and expensive. On Amazon, depending on size, sponges range in price from $9 to $15 ($207,000 - $345,000).

In the past, rescue work was dangerous because they only appeared in deep water areas. Today, divers can use them more easily thanks to a range of modern safety equipment.

In Sponge City, you can capture this item anywhere on the street or in a large store. The clothes of the indigenous people also have many details attached to the sponge. They even built a bubble museum