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The luxury in interior design takes gold accents

The luxurious interior design makes us feel that this is the most luxurious place in the city. With metal theme inlaid with golden accents, the color is harmonious, a little delicate in the arrangement has created an eye-catching space and suitable for the whole house.

A pair of unique coffee tables intertwined with half-dark and half-bright stones to balance the central colors of the living room

Glossy black and white interior makes the golden elements really stand out in space.

Ceiling light is also a key area for the house with mysterious purple color in the middle of the space.

Golden underlined wall art also features lines at the sofa.

Gold hinges and gold handles complete the design excellently.

The slender gold bookcase is built on a wall of the room, the width of the gold is the shelves that will be viewed with a vertical array.

A dining chair for a king and queen sits at the head and feet of a long dining table in the kitchen creating the most luxurious feeling in the dining table.

Between white wall tiles and golden wool lines around the kitchen, it was completed in a unified block with kitchen cabinets.

You can use the gold border photo here very suitable for space.

The head board in the main bedroom is radiant like the early morning sunrise on the horizon. Simple monochrome includes bed outfit.

Black and white photography hung on gold-encrusted walls. A gold and black beaded chandelier hangs over the head. The black window frame sat dark in the golden walls.

Black and red stripes are one big and important while, and while sleeping and either

Circle barley together. A gold storage cabinet and gold leaf fill the corner of the room.

Our worthless and one of the different things.

One of the various things The anti-theft storage vases match the red accents in the carpet.

Bathroom complete with double basin. A large striped carpet filled the floor and a formal chair on the twisted barley legs on the wall.

Independent bathtub with golden accents is partially screened by a tall tree and indoor plants, and a black marble table. A gold wardrobe - quite similar to the ones placed in the kitchen dining room - stands in a corner of the bathroom, in which to store fresh towels and a supply of Sticker.

Decorative shutters fold up to daylight and illuminate an unusual bathroom vanity.

Wooden planks stretch on the ceiling, with deep decorative wood and trimmed edges. A complex gold chandelier, candle lights light up on the ceiling, to the beautiful ceiling characteristics.

A modern toilet and bidet with enamel inside, white outside.

Angel interior design - Idea breakthrough - Create class