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The design of living room furniture is favored

Interior design is always a very important milestone to make the house more distinctive. In order to arrange a beautiful living room, modern, comfortable, fully functional.

And if you are intending to buy an apartment of similar size, or have purchased but are looking for a living room layout. Take a moment to refer to the design of the living room interior beautifully impressed with the neat layout, furniture selection and color balance.

Surely you will find interesting ideas to help families have a life full, comfortable and comfortable in this reasonable area. 1. Scandinavian style living room With a space of 50m², the living room should be selected with simple furnishings as well as color. So, the owner of this apartment has chosen white as the background color. The contrasting colors are used to create subtle personality traits for space.


The living room is located close to the wide window. Just use a sofa and a simple tea table, living room like adding subtle beauty thanks to the catastrophe and the small beautiful green plants.

  2. Living room color neutral

When space is moderate, separation will not be effective. For use as well as the aesthetics of the apartment. In this case, the owner of the apartment has used the plan to create a seamless connection between the spaces. It is the place where guests receive food and cooking. The way to separate each space is exquisite through the color of the interior design.

The reception corner is located next to the window facing the entrance. The sofa is placed close to the wall, surrounded by decorative objects such as wall paintings, pillows, carpet or window sills. All the details become more impressive thanks to the color of the background. wall and motif of the carpet.

  3. Clean white living room

The owner of this 50m² apartment has a very simple living room layout with white tones. No need for too much decoration, the owner only use white sofa, glass tea table to add elegance, elegance for space.


Clever use of the dark carpet is an interesting way to make the owner of the apartment create the subtle beauty and attract the eye for space use white tone as the main.

  4. Living room with highlight from red

Depending on the design of the apartment you can choose the location as well as decorating the living room accordingly. With the overall space of this 50m2 apartment, the landlord has chosen a central location. In the middle of the apartment to decorate the living room.

The choice of contrasting colors such as black, wood, gray, red to create a contrast for space. This is also a way to help the owner's apartment become more youthful and modern.

5. Corner room


Do not choose bright spots such as near windows or the center of the apartment.

The living room of this 50m² apartment is located close to the entrance of the house.

Choose a small area of ​​just a few m². The owner of the house still arranges the interior, decorating the space harmoniously. To bring the elegant and modern beauty to the living room.

The living room is arranged corner sofa, decorated with wall paintings. Ceiling light to bring attractive beauty to the space.

6. Personal room with black accents.

With a total area of ​​50m², the owner of the apartment has used the main furnishings in dark colors. Help the space to attract the attention of any visitor. From the first time entering the room.

Sofa, wardrobe and small shelves are used in black. Bring impressive contrast. With the pure white background of the wall and ceiling. Decorative details are maximized to create a simple, spacious room