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The beauty of wood in the interior design Green Valley apartment

The current interior market has a lot of wood to choose from. But in interior design, architects like natural wood. Natural wood has many highlights from aesthetic to quality. As in the design below will show the charm from the beauty of wood.

Perfect living room interior design with many different types of wood.

Natural wood has its own characteristics that are always chosen first in quality. Because they have characteristics that industrial wood does not have. That is the flexibility, the expansion and the firm links of its components. Dining tables are made entirely from dried wood and processed. You will be fascinated at first sight from the same kind of furniture.

In this design, the architecture must calculate very well the volume of each type of wood. To ensure that the use of wood is too much, the arrangement is also an important part. Because of inadequate color scheme, it is very annoying to see the color being disturbed when looking at it.

To the floor under the floor, the foot of the chair is also made from natural wood. Their surfaces are glossy with fine wood details in each part In addition to the natural wood, you can see the Veneer industrial wood is the decoration. The quality of the Veneer is also medium, combining the color of wood is the light inside.

Because they are made from different wood species, the pattern is different. As you see a closet next to the sofa, also made of natural wood is more wood. The wooden legs can bend but retain its inherent toughness.

Interior design bedroom parent.

Interior design of the first bedroom.

Interior design bedroom second child.


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