Interior design knowledge

Stylish interior design is extremely convenient

With open style interior design, this one bedroom apartment will bring you many benefits in life. The space is divided by the walls are extremely intelligent to not detect. The creative power of the strong colors on neutral background. The combination that has created a perfect one bedroom apartment was never perfect.

The overall sleek design of the apartment has a neutral color scheme and covers an area of ​​70.6 square meters.

Functionality is the key to this overall design, from a simple reading chair to an angled sofa and wall mounted TVs.

The interior color of the apartment has a strong color like coffee to stand out against the neutral background.

A color-coded wooden flooring makes a work area perfect at home without taking up too much space.

The workplace also acts as a separate wall space in this design.

Kitchen shelves are the perfect place to place fast food for you to solve them faster.

The kitchen includes such simplicity with a large kitchen, large kitchen shelf and white walls. The faucet is simple but the design is very delicate and luxurious, it is an impressive way.

In the bedroom, the shelves are designed to give you the most perfect decoration.

With a large mirror area, your bathroom will be larger and more luxurious on a neutral background.


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