Quotation package interior design 2 bedrooms 150 million area from 65m2 modern style

Quotation package interior design 2 bedrooms 150 million area from 65m2 for modern style apartments, quality furniture, fully functional, most cost-effective.

Download the price list here: Download now the quotation Angel commits to customers:

- Warranty, maintenance products 5 years of use.

- Wood material is An Cuong wood against moisture, increase water resistance, mold moisture, durable over time.

Interior design of living room.

Living room furniture including TV cabinet, shoe cabinet, sofa table (tea), sofa, shelf on shoe cabinet and shoe cabinet are the basic furniture needed for the living room. Toughened glass sofa table combined with electrostatic legs is very solid, not as thin as it looks.

Due to its slightly water-resistant properties, we use mostly moisture-resistant wood to increase the shelf life and quality of the interior. Sofa follow standard size reasonable for 3 users. Next to it is a standard LDN wooden shank

Interior design kitchen area. Kitchen furniture including kitchen cabinets on top, glass kitchen tiles, stone surface are the basic items of the kitchen system. The wood is MDF, moisture resistant An Cuong covered with melamine, accompanied by Ivan accessories as the opening joints of the cabinet system.

In addition, this area also has a dining table for 6 people made of white painted rubber gum Interior design master bedroom Bedroom furniture includes basic furniture such as wardrobe, bed, furniture and makeup.

Television shelf and dressing table using 2K paint are professionally painted so that the strength of the paint is exaggerated. The natural wooden leg headboard tab is certainly possible for use with heavy decorations.

Interior design child bedroom. The kid's bedroom has basic items like a wardrobe, a table, a mirror, and a vanity chair. Do not have a TV shelf and private makeup like master bedroom. Here, the Indonesian glass makeup mirror of 5mm thick and sminili-covered wooden chair will be one of the highlights in this baby bedroom.

The quotation of perfect Angel interior design and construction company Other items complete the design. Completed items such as curtains for rooms, lamps and labor costs for installation and cleaning when finished.


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