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Quality interior design in Lexington District 2

 Interior design at Lexington high-end condominium is a quality design that is in demand. Despite the mid-range design, durability ensures that you have a quality apartment. This design will give you the expression of a best modern home.

Interior design of the living room.

This apartment is designed using two modern contemporary colors. White is the beginning of everything, the color of clarity, the color of perfection. Gray in design is used in many different shades of dark colors. Like white, it can be replaced by light gray, black with dark gray. It is a color that symbolizes a quiet, yet very modern day.

The dining table is designed with a simple wooden table and 4 chairs for small family. The chairs are colorful in order to distinguish the seat as well as to add color to the house. Dining table lighting in addition to being illuminated by the ceiling lights. The dining table is decorated with luxurious dining light set of 3 separate pictures.

The floor tiles are as white as the main color, which increases the brightness of the whole apartment.

Interior design bedroom parent.

The bed is covered with fine white fabric and the mattress is black, creating two distinct colors.

The black stripes on the white background and the pictures create a creative design. In contrast to the living room, the bedrooms are lined with bright, light-colored wood floors. It will make you feel very comfortable when setting foot on this quality wood flooring.

Interior design bedroom child.


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