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Pastel Anh Duong color tone interior design - Lake View

Pastel-colored light-colored interior design at Lake View deserves a modern, luxurious, accent that will conquer any guest who wants to own.

Pink and green cushions and pastel color wall art showcase colors for the cute living room.

Beautiful pink and green accents have a contrast that matches the living room space.

Part of the main kitchen is the dining table which is located right at the window of the best natural light flow.

Because the situation of the house has a space, we arrange a bench here to use the dining table while losing the defect of the apartment.

Window space can hang a few living trees well due to the sun

Decorating a clean and tidy kitchen will create a fresh feeling for the kitchen space.

Blue wall will be the highlight for the best bed.

This double door glass frame is very eye-catching because they create the feeling of doubling the area of ​​the apartment.

The best bedroom space is arranged logically according to the feng shui of the landlord.

The black frame gives the glass a modern look.

We can put some books at the window shelf.

The glass-cut bedroom lamps glitter on each side of the bed.

The brief, beautiful, bright and beautiful design of the chair will add a highlight to the bedroom .

The elements of gold and green work in harmony with each other.

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