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Neo-classical interior design Ms. Lan

Neoclassical interior design is a style suitable for decorating any space. The design will bring unique and new space. The delicate lines of this design will make the room more subtle after a long time and is gradually coming back.

Space design interior living room.


This neoclassical style was very popular in French villa designs in the 18th century. This trend has been sinking for a long time, but now it is in full swing.

This room is simple but very orderly. Antique is always very well expressed in each interior. This neoclassical style is often chosen when designed for large businessmen. They believe that this style will bring them fortune and luck. Owning expensive furniture in the design here.  


Neoclassical style is very simple, no frills and picky. It emphasizes exquisite detail through walls or blocks.

This beauty is applied from the golden ratio by the architects carefully calculated. To be able to divide into each cell so that you can have an aesthetic look.


Interior design room interior living room.

Interior design room living room 2 in classic style.

Interior design bedroom parent (Master).

Interior design furniture sleep son.

Space design bedroom bedroom girl.


Space design room toilet.



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