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Neoclassical interior design for 98sqm 2-bedroom apartment in Pearl Plaza Mr.Quyen- Binh Thanh

Interior design neoclassical high-end 98m2 with bright colors, helping homeowners feel the warmth according to the color system that we offer for homeowners to choose.

With the living room space occupying the largest area and not divided into a bedroom, we can own a great design with a dining table behind the sofa.

A magnificent space is clearly exposed on a white background with metallic borders. Everything is intertwined like a picture that describes the design style - neoclassical interior design style

It seems that we always see the golden color as the color of power, so when we own a high-end home space like this design, all of our relationships will be raised a step if invited guests to the temple. play house.

The new generation cream sofa set will be a bright choice in sync with the tile background color below.

Tea table and TV shelf will be an interior set that goes together in a bold design.

The dining table will have an interesting highlight at the foot of the chair is metallic gold and white stone cloud pattern as the table.

Large space interior design space for parents.

Interior design space of children's bedroom.


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