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Modern warm tone in interior design apartment

Modern warm tone in interior design. Interior design 78m2 villa is one of the most outstanding products today. The design combines modern prints with warm colors. Both are very rare in the design but here it is shown too well. Contemporary furnishings and harmonious artistic lines are also very harmonious.

The living and dining areas stand side by side to share a wide view out the window. While the seating arrangement is plentiful with prints and motifs. The dining space has a more decorative approach using the concentrated color blocking feature. Aim to balance the image between two areas.

Nearby, a small table takes advantage of its location to make the best use of natural light. Thanks to the division of design, this work corner can enjoy its own unique wall. Without distracting from the cross pattern behind the sofa.

The other side of the room is shown opposite the kitchen corner. Each corner is decorated and uses a different color but still the same color, making the difference boring.

A small bar for the storage of precious glass beverages. Is a place to enjoy drinks, breakfast.

The bathroom layout is quite interesting. While many homes prefer the extra spacious showerhead, this makes everything narrow enough to accommodate a luxurious bath.

Stick with the geometric theme just like the rest of the house. The bathtub certainly attracts the eye with a decorative brick wall as its backdrop.


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