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Modern interior design brilliant colors

Monochrome interior design certainly has its place in contemporary design. However, the use of brilliant colors in this beautiful villa is very impressive. Look inside this house in these photos and you will see what we mean.

Immediately, this luxurious room creates an excellent comfort area with plenty of bright colors.

A big yellow table in the middle of the sofa is quite bizarre but very concise.

The use of colorful pillows breaks monotonous fading. From dark gray walls to gray sofas to dark slate floors. Ornamental fancy with objects of other ethnic groups.

We can also start to see the influence of Africa in this house. With traditional masks on the walls of this space.

The centerpiece of cheerful lighting scatters the chatty stuff. At night, the lights will shimmer in this colorful room. The green air around the house.

This is a very ideal place to easily hide yourself in one of the cozy corners. Give a secret conversation or take a nap in this green space.

Most of the doors around the house are designed with sliding doors. It is always possible to open the door like this to absorb the natural air outside.

In addition to the home is also decorated "light" with the chair with a small table. Every morning or reception guests can travel in the space in front of the house just wide enough.

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