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Luxurious apartment interior design with modern furniture to expand the area

Interior design of a more spacious apartment with a longer modern sofa helps to divide the living room and kitchen dining room, but this time with the middle breathing space is expanded. A large rectangular blue carpet contains living room furniture, including a modern coffee table in the center of the living room, which is extremely wonderful.

A kitchen with a wall extending behind the room, with a selection of gray cabinets and copper.

The wall partition separates the living room from the entrance to keep the living room cozy. The same effect has been used for fashion doors to hide storage volumes.

A storage bank quietly filled the wall opposite the sofa in the modern living room, with a single block of cubes still open to see along the floor.

Because there is no garden to enjoy, a terrarium makes houses for trees.


There is a mid-century modern vibe in the dining room. A cool Sputnik chandelier hung above an elliptical table and six smart chairs.


TV in the living room and terrarium can be seen from the dining table.


A black panel has a ribbed screen that helps the tv blend with the decor.


Copper legs on the dining table are suitable for kitchen cabinets on the wall.


In the main bedroom, a bedroom hanging lamp is hung on one side of the bed, to create a cool asymmetrical aesthetic.


The ribs run around the sleeping space.


The bedroom has an independent bathtub by the window, overlooking the city.


A unit of wall-mounted vehicle under a flat-screen TV is completed with a sliding effect.


Just out of the kitchen is a glass-walled bathroom, where an independent pedestal and an elliptical makeup mirror form a beautiful pair on a wooden wall.


A gray toilet is placed on a lighter gray background.


Drawer chests and a handy seat are revealed behind the closet door at the entrance of the house.



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