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Interior studio design perfect less than 50m2

Only less than 50m2, the interior design architects in this project must be creative with the most reasonable interior layout to create a complete apartment with enough features and personality. like this.


The bed area is designed on a gray marble slab. The slate is linked to a wooden ladder to create a stronger, stronger feel.

A concrete wall separates the dining area and the bed in the most respectful way. The dining table is arranged in an area with the best natural light in the early morning.

At night, you can enjoy a stylized lamp on the ceiling of the lit pillar, which is a unique personality highlight of this small apartment.

In the main living area of ​​the apartment, a round tea table and small gray sofas lie neatly next to the small sized sofa. Above, the ceiling light is just enough to create brightness for this area, if you want to be brighter, you can add a drop lamp right at the tea table.

A row of fitted cabinets is installed at the entrance of the house, finished in white to blend with the white wall.

Both the sofa and the headboard are facing toward the wall-mounted TV, so there can be screen viewing from either location. The TV wall is clad in wooden panels, lighting warmly around the circumference of its ceiling with LED lighting.

You can keep the apartment a plant in this layout will help the tree have the best natural light.

The kitchen is located next to the dining table, which makes it convenient for us to use the newly cooked food immediately.

For uniform color, the kitchen wall is also designed to use concrete color to match the color with the bedroom area. A single wall shelf goes through the small kitchen, decorated in a minimalist style, which makes it easy to place commonly used items on here.

The centerpiece of the dining table we can use small decorative items such as small vases or small candle cups.

Dining chairs are mounted on a marble bedroom podium, with concrete room baffles forming a rear rest.

The slender lamp light design similar to that used on the couch is also used in the dining area, creating continuity in the small apartment.

Gray, white and wood color scheme continues inside the bathroom will give a slightly clean design, gentle accents.


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