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Interior design works in the bedroom

Interior design is a quiet place to focus is of the highest importance to those who work or study at home. But more - it needs to be well-equipped for the job. It must be capable of containing the books or computer accessories needed for the job. This is a one bedroom apartment with a home office dedicated to creative focus. This is a great new trend when you have work to do at home.

This apartment has a spacious layout with a combined living and dining room. The white walls and light wood flooring for luxurious chalets showcase luxury.

Contours play an important role throughout throughout the kitchen. The horizontal and vertical black color is used as a very modern touch.

Brown curtains add a bit of warmth to the harmonious window frame in the sun. The decor in the living room is elegant and luxurious. With the metal material plays a different role but still retains the luxury.

The stacked tables are the smart way to save space. With such a compact size, if not used it still does not look cool.

The dishes are extremely attractive when placed on a luxurious place as here.

Walls made of plaster, they create a symmetrical up and down both sides of the unique.

This is a true difference at work style. The furniture is very sophisticated and modern, with a desk and shelf creating a strong edge.

Bedroom makes the first impression with a lively watercolor painting on the bed. The cabinet is made of acrylic wood with a bold horizontal line.

A curtain runs along the dividing line between the seating area and the sleeping area, instead of the window. This will be helpful when sharing a bedroom with a friend who needs the same space.

Have you ever thought about decorating the corridor? This is very simple, just the decorative niches will lessen the boring corridor.

Panels of different widths and lengths prevented the viewpoint from becoming too rigid. That is a real disadvantage when decorated with shiny white.

Bathrooms have a bit more aesthetics due to the darker floor.

Maritime themes are common to the bathroom. However, the image here is that a starfish has a subtle way of expressing itself.

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