Interior design Villa Da Lat 300m2 - Mr Phat Ms. My

Interior design Villa Da Lat 300m2 of homeowners Anh Phat and Ms My are the year-end works of Angel are finishing urgently so that homeowners can celebrate New Year with their new home. Everything must be tightened to ensure the completion schedule as expected because of the approaching Tet time, Angel must always follow everything closely and take care of each stage to complete the set progress.


The house is chosen by the owner in a modern style, bright, neat color scheme to make the space airy, easy to breathe and fully functional.


The living room space has a bright white sofa, a small glass tea table with iron bars with beautiful yellow borders.


The metallic gold trim will be a highlight for the living room interiors. From tea tables, bars to TV cabinets is the intention of the architects.


The interior design space of the kitchen has a utility kitchen island, which helps to order food used beautifully and is easily moved to the outside dining table.


The stone surface on the dining table and the kitchen top is chosen by the owner himself because he likes a bit of light cloudiness on the black stone background.


In contrast to the black table, the dining chairs are bright white to help increase the contrast for this area.


This is the utility of the kitchen island. Besides, the bar divides the kitchen and living room areas with a little more space for decorations such as wine bottles or small flower pots.


Laundry space behind the kitchen.


Make the most of sunlight with the rear glass door.


Space interior church design.



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