Interior design Villa Cai Lay - Tien Giang Province

The project is finishing the interior design stage at Angel, this is a prominent project when you want to have an elegant and luxurious bedroom.

Customers need to design the interior of the room in a neoclassical style, with an bedroom area of ​​36m2 and a ceiling of 4.1m high, the design must be both affordable and exuding the grandeur as the owner wishes. want.


The first thing is to look at feng shui direction of the home of the owner, followed by the age of the homeowner, which created a noble Turkish design.


The bedroom has a large area, so we have created an extremely useful closet for storage and equally luxurious to a slightly expensive sculpture bed.


The headboard is accentuated by popular neoclassical wall paper and 2 pillars on both sides provide night light for the room.


And on the TV wall. neoclassical border design will make the TV cabinets the same color to create a uniform color block for the room.

2 chairs and small tea table, enough for the couple to enjoy the morning coffee in their neoclassical wooden floor room


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