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Interior design Sunrise City - Anh Duc

Anh Duc's interior design at Sunrise City brings the beauty of modern style which is very popular in Vietnam. The interior always retains its sophistication through each period without being over time, every function is always on top.

The living room is simple but very eye-catching thanks to the gold wall brace. Besides, the wooden panels are designed with eye-catching LED system with golden lights.

The kitchen part is small, the upper part is used to emphasize the color of the wood for the kitchen. Kitchen island has 2 high chairs that are suitable for small spaces. Kitchen island is also designed with LED lights synchronized with the living room.

The cupboard right at the sofa is an extremely beautiful highlight that people are less interested in, thanks to the reasonable arrangement with the art design, the living room owns a shelf too luxurious to decorate the living room with with a few bottles of foreign wine.

Dining table with a small area of ​​the house, the grace chair will make you satisfied with its pretty design.

Shoe lockers are also designed with a few openings for shoes to not be stained, the area of ​​the shoe cabinet is not small.


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