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Interior design of the apartment with the dominant color is gray and black is the main will bring the mysterious and clean inherent with dark colors. If your investment is in good shape, choose quality designs for your family.

Behind the living room is a high shelf with red kitchen accessories and a melody from the carpet.

Designer table lamps are located above the low storage device behind the sofa. In front of the sofa, a wall is ready to be transported. All cabinets can be used to store media, and the best kitchen porcelain spills from supper and oversized surplus. from around the house.

LED lighting for kitchen and rear doors.

White wall with the theme of the big deer. The interior of the glossy white furniture is combined with simple decor.

The unique kitchen chain occupies the kitchen space and hovers like an alien spacecraft on the peninsula.

Modern island kitchen is made up of wood and black sheets, located in front of the unit and granite gray light at the top.

The rectangular kitchen basin gives a refreshing feeling to the counter.

The white bathrooms have the same light granite texture throughout the walls and floors. A wall-mounted van extends the width of the room and extends from the bathroom in the modern toilet to the water tank.

Storage units are designed to be arranged along the length of the corridor.

One of the closets was opened in advance with a boom on one side. In the other half of the installation, a makeup mirror with a large mirror was built. Make-up mirrors and lights make the device look clean and elegant. Slim control panel supports the weight of cabinets on the floor.


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