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Interior design of warm color space and exquisite lighting in wooden furniture

The interior design of a living space is gently lit with warm light emanating from the protruding strips around the sides of the room. Gentle wooden strips on the walls make the interior feel more solid, and a wooden feature slips on the ceiling to match the design intent. Soft furniture blends in soft shades of beige and gray, suitable for light wood tones and concrete bricks in the room. The best way to mix colors for space and to create the most comfortable and intimate mood possible.

The light of the warm white LED perimeter lights down the entire wooden wall in the small open living room. The cloud emitted seemed to add a warm golden tone to every element in the room.

The black hand-rotating wall light helps to illuminate the brighter task on the sofa, the Flos Mod 265 style lamp.

The room is colored by solid concrete wall tiles with solid gray paint that stretches across the ceiling and responds to features and smooth wood furniture. Soft furniture is colored to perfectly fit the context. A black coffee table provides an emphasis for the living room and balances the color of the black tv screen on the wall.

A wooden bar design makes the ceiling above the dining area more attractive. A wooden dining table comes with a set of six Scandinavian style chairs, which makes the candles very suitable for this dining table.

A modern chandelier hangs down from the sliding ceiling strip, with small lights glittering on delicate wire frames.

The installation of a small kitchen made of quality wood materials will provide the most luxurious kitchen space. Here, wooden cabinets are designed for you to see through the kitchen to see items or tools you use regularly in the family.

The kitchen layout runs around in an L shape, the design possesses a corner of the furnace and a coffee maker. Here, a state-of-the-art pillar is covered with mirrors to give the impression of doubling the space with mirror reflection and disguise to no longer see the column.

At the end of the kitchen, a corridor where the walls are painted gray leads to the bedrooms.

Customized wooden cabinets built into the hallway to store full ceilings to store outdoor jackets and items to bring or carry with them when out on the street.

There is also a large bookcase along the corridor, which illuminates its border with vertical LED strip lights, to brighten the spines of the book for easy selection.

Storing books is divided into sections; This keeps the books upright without any tools, or repositioning the remaining books after taking them out.

The hallway is also equipped with ceiling lights to provide the necessary light at night.

Honey-colored wooden floors run along the length of the corridor.

A small corner to sit is perfect for wearing and removing shoes as well as putting shopping bags and things to work. Hats and other items such as shoes will be stored in this combination cabinet.

If the end of the hall is too empty, or for a full-length mirror to increase the area by reflecting and making this last space become brighter due to the nature of the mirror material.

Decorate dark gray bedrooms with cozy lighting like a living room. A pair of bedside table lamps nestled in the warm light of a bedside recess.

A work desk extends from the storage cabinet next to the bed.

A hanging lamp for work and study will provide bright task lighting and focus along the length of the table.

This way of putting a desk in the middle of the room means that the home office area is also visible outside.

A gray bathroom diagram with dark wood tones and white elements look very harmonious. A glowing round mirror on the dark gray wall.

The sink is also used to the maximum to create a cabinet under the sink.

In this image, a full-length mirror inside the cabinet will reflect one of two modern showers and a portable washing machine.

The color divides the modern bathroom into two parts: completely gray walls, floors and ceilings that define the makeup area, while the restroom toilets are white and wooden tones, plus a light patterned floor.


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