Interior design knowledge

Interior design of the Nordic apartment carries the soul of North Europe

Nordic is the interior design style of the apartment expressing the character of the Nordic region. Nordic is also called modern Scandinavian style, very liberal and extremely delicate in the same color. With the principle of making the most of the light, the apartment harmonizes with nature and seeks the most electricity.

With the Norvic style, we will see most windows will have no curtain to light the most poured into the most.

If you pay close attention, Norvic always choose the small flower pots to "compensate" the beauty when there are no curtains. Partially full of natural light in the living room area, there is no worry about the lack of light for the live plants.

The wall in the kitchen space is decorated with special "white sponge" is very popular now.

A little balcony space for enjoying coffee every morning more "cheery".

Floors are also an interior that offers warmth and can be decorated very versatile.

A light bulb in the middle of the table is very convenient for moving and creating a good point.


A "casing lamp" makes the difference between the different interior design clearly.


The interior design of the Scandinavian apartment is always in white.


Most of the cabinets, tables, chairs, shelves and accessories in this style will be very neat and multi-functional.


The lantern always comes with Nordic style with fur and fireplace. And here a picture hanging "black and white" is also an important thing to decorate the best for this apartment.



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