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Interior design of the apartment assemble more ultra fast bedroom

The apartment is designed in modern style. It's also very comfortable to be able to assemble a quick bedroom. Just moving the partition can become a private bedroom. Women can do it, too.

This apartment was designed very liberal, simply follow an apartment in the West. Surrounded by impressive details, the main point is that it contains an intelligent design. It is possible to add a quick bedroom thanks to the slider and simple wooden walls.

This is partly due to the fact that the owner of the apartment is so bored that the design team has given this smart feature. Part of this is to help change the space as customer needs.

Partially makes the apartment smarter, as there is more space when you remove the bedroom.   In the future, if the family has more members, expanding space is also the best solution.

The kitchen and living room have a simple interior design on a modern gray-gray background.

Space when collapsing the smart system. When it collapses, it looks remotely as well as part of the plaster ceiling. The viewer will not understand what its effect is for. You have to look at the slider to know it is a smart system. And the walls when folded it as well as the ordinary patches, used to decorate.

Dining table with kitchen interior shimmering in modern lighting

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