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Interior design of Penhouse apartment 140m2 with luxurious metallic furniture

When talking about the color of luxury and luxury, we will think of the color of the gold ingot - a color that represents the strength of money as well as the luxury. At this penthouse family home destined Kim has been designed by us in yellow tones to feng shui as well as accompanied by different accent colors to create a wonderful space in here.

Galago's brightly colored picture is the inspiration of creating a unique multicolored array in the living room, soothing the gray walls.

Classical Greek sculptures are displayed on a glass coffee table in the middle of the living room

Blue-gray tones go together with the floor carpet, as if it is a color impression of the artist on the marble kitchen system next to it.

An artistically-styled Eames-style living room chair is placed in this position.

Gold legs and black marble tops create a comfortable backrest.

A unique staircase design with gold trim adds a little bit of a small round shape to create splendid steps.

The gold border on the staircase matches the golden gold engraving on the kitchen cabinet.

Glass balustrades allow metal lines to curl cubes to create beautiful accents.

Besides, the wooden floor is also a light yellow accent for the whole apartment.



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