Interior design knowledge

Interior design of multi-color apartments perfect

The color scheme is clearly shown in each room, detail on the interior design. Quite a lot for a modest area does not reduce comfort but also increase the level of humidity. If you have a belief in our design, let us do it for you.

Space design interior living room.

Not wall, nor painted walls, it is brick tiles, just clean, just beautiful. That is what makes the original impression that we can bring you.

Look at the TV as you sit at the living room sofa. Feel broad to enjoy the movie in a comfortable way without being obscured. The small stone table from dwarf to high, a pink chair to help look soul. White Melamine MDF shelf and decorative items. Everything is geared up to be a space to design.

LEDs are often used to create light effects that are captured in the middle of the ceiling. Feel the excitement of welcoming guests on weekends.

A mirror placed next to the table creates hallucinations larger area. People can gather here very warm when viewed together in one direction in the mirror.

Interior design bedroom bedroom parents.

Since it is an adult bedroom decor, we use darker tones. Dark enough to achieve gentleness in the late afternoon. The design of each wood interwoven interwoven creation creates a place for creative. Coat a layer of wood to beat the picture is very delicate.

The transparent glass panel helps to know what to wear tomorrow and adds virtual space when looking at it. Make-up tables are simple enough that you need not be too picky. Space design bedroom child.

The substrate is used as a substitute paper. Because it can change many times to change each child's big feelings.

There are no makeup tables, but rather two bookshelves for learning or relaxing books. Due to the more comfortable part of the closet is also close to the ceiling increased capacity. The stripes are simple but beautifully made.


Angel interior design - beautiful design must have beautiful furniture.