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Interior design of modern luxury apartment Green Valley

Interior design of modern luxury apartment Green Valley - Anh Thuan Using modern interior design style for luxury apartments. This style is a lot of people love the convenience, neat but no less luxurious. This style is a combination of high precision, sharp surface and the most simplified way. Space design interior living room.

The floor is designed to combine many different areas. The height of the stool should be used with light bricks. In the dark, dark areas are used. The modest L TVs are part of the kitchen - a high table for the kitchen. The TV set is pressed a few simple strokes to create points. In the lower cabinet, there are also a few drawers to help some items for the kitchen or furniture.

Opposite the dining table is a very nicely designed cabinet. The horizontal T is the open square, the rest of the cabinet is the large white wings covered with Melamine.

The upper and lower cabinets of the kitchen do not have handles. All are designed with slots to open the door handle, the interior is equipped with advanced buffer.

On the dark background of the tiles, a white carpet and sofa set prominently. 

Master bedroom interior design.

The large glass is placed opposite the window and the lamp provides sparkling light in the dark.

Curtains are connected directly from the plaster from the spillway straight down to the ground in the most modern way.

Part of the room is covered with wood, due to the owner's favorite light wood color.

The bedside wall is covered with leather and decorated in very delicate squares. Creates an extremely elegant black background for hanging paintings with bright colors.

The corner to hide the screen is very good vision. Although there is no door but not notice nor know it is a "secret" cabinet.

Interior design bedroom child.

Entering the bedroom is another dimension. Simplicity in the modern style, delicate each texture.

Although the room is modest but still provide enough shelves, cabinets. To have as many items as possible.

Angel interior design - beautiful design must have interior as you like