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Interior design of modern city apartments according to new heights.

Each modern city apartment has a number of distinct interior design features designed to take your imagination to the next level. Modern interior design ideas, luxurious kitchens, strong accents and elegant bathrooms, these will create a great apartment for you when choosing interior design.
Starting everything with only 54 square meters of small furniture, we toured an apartment in a big city center in a historic 19th-century building. The house is designed for a young business traveler who wants an apartment with a cozy and comfortable sofai indoors instead of living in a hotel room. A modern sofa was laid against the kitchen island. A rug of a circular pattern area defines a more cozy floor space with a sofa color.
A blue chair is located opposite the sofa, armchair chair is also designed in blue to keep the theme color consistent.
A wall clock is mounted above the left side of the left side of the TV so that the middle of the room can decorate the family photo.
Chairs with modern accents have been combined with reading lights beside bookshelves to create a comfortable reading corner.
The bar chair at the central kitchen island is arranged toward the living room, allowing homeowners and guests to enjoy TV during dinner. The counter has drawers built into its shelves to store cutlery and napkins close to the hand. The built-in point in the rack so that this bench can also be used as a laptop workspace, or as a charging point for phones or tablets near the sofa.
Wall art brings a bit of nature into the interior.
Enjoy the best lighting in the room to save electricity for dining tables and chairs here.
The blue bedroom design has a textured bedside wall and the ribs are cut and nested on the wall to create accents to form a geometric pattern.
Two repositionable wall sconces provide reading light on each side of the double bed.
Glass closet doors stand opposite the bed legs, displaying well-organized racks through colored doors.
A neat room equipped with minimalist toilet shelves, a unique bathroom sink and a modern gray toilet.
Wooden door frames add style to a double sink bathroom in the main bathroom.
A giant round makeup mirror hung above two sinks.
A marble floor identifies the entrance of the house and hallway from the main living room floor.
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