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Interior design of 2 bedroom apartment 66m2 Vinhomes Grand Park District 9 - Anh Long

Interior design apartment Vinhomes Grand Park Q9 2PN 66m2 area of ​​Mr. Long, designed with modern style, luxury ... full space for 4 family members.

Modern style always makes the apartment more spacious thanks to simple and neat furniture.

You will easily color-coordinate your apartment through each simple but very subtle accent.

If the area of ​​your apartment is too small, architects will realize the reasonable layout and decoration for your apartment to become fully functional and look the best.

An extremely simple and effective working angle for two people.

The angled L kitchen cabinet maximizes efficiency for the home chef's storage of tools.

The bedroom is also mixed a little accent color of the living room to not get lost in this apartment.

The master room is good for storing things for the couple.

If your budget is low, Angel always tries to create designs that fit your client's budget.

Besides, Angel always ensures good quality wood because the warranty is more than 5 years, good price and good quality is nothing equal.

The fitting and fully functional furniture is shown in the bedroom interior design


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