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Interior design of 180m2 natural wooden furniture

What is it that we have the condition to design the entire interior of natural wood? Natural wood will match both our generation and our descendants in a sustainable way thanks to its structure. Although the price is high, but always with the words "any money" that my father left. In addition to the extremely good durability, natural wood also creates the natural features it offers so that we can bring in the interior design in the most attractive way.

This design is the emphasis on wood, this feeling is far more modern than the actual value of wood is rustic.

You can easily see in the selected accessories such as the unique table lamp of the living room.

The design is very clear for this space to feel comfortable with luxurious benches covered with simple and practical luxury fabrics.

The choice of works in the house can reveal the character of the owner.

All eyes are strange to be fascinated by this extremely unique work.

The sculpture depicts the rust that contrasts with the wall of life that stands on the opposite One of them shows decay, while the other shows growth and development.

In the home office space, there is not much clear design risk, with a comfortable reading room that is quite inviting

In the home office space, a homely design by a pretty comfortable office room.

The orange markings in this space are subtle but work well with wooden panels inspired in the 70's.

Not to symmetry - move a little bit will create an impression of the room.

In a relaxed bedroom, minimalist details like a black floor lamp bring a little Zen style.

Children's bedroom is decorated with a little bit of naughty character of young children.

A bit of cute light and creativity in the center of the room makes the interior of the apartment.

Simple children's bed brings a good night's sleep for children with dreamy motifs for youth.

A study corner and to keep a little neat for the child.

The tones in the main areas as well as the private spaces are a little warmth.

Stone gray kitchens and natural wood floors are luxurious and even masculine.

These unique modern chairs are quite different from the usual furniture. This shows that the use of furniture also brings a modern look to the apartment a lot.

The wonderful light of nature will help to make everything of natural wood stand out.

A gray kitchen is probably an interesting choice and a small dining area for four.

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