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Interior design neoclassical bedroom for apartments Opal Tower - Ms Quynh

The interior design of neoclassical bedrooms at Opal Tower in calming shades, from sapphire blue and neutral colors has created a harmonious space for customers who are passionate about neoclassical style.

In the master bedroom, the adornment tones are more subdued. This blue bedroom includes a muted sapphire color - classic, mellow and a great way to enhance the theme of neutral furniture.

On the wall-mounted vanity, a decorative vase contains a yellow floral spray that contrasts sharply with the blue wall behind it. The design table lamp is from Jaime Hayon's ABALLS Collection - the same line as the pendant lamp found in the dining room.

Small bedside tables are stylish but provide little room for necessities. This beautiful hand-held wall light provides focused adjustment light, a step above the traditional bedside table lamp.

Using a variety of textures and patterns can soften the look of any space.

This wall treatment is particularly appealing. Colors from the walls accentuate the corner, while the closet door passes through the boiserie - the result is playful and slightly surreal.

Smaller bedrooms use space with inspiring effect.

While the wraparound headboard allows this bed to double as a bench, it also creates a separation between the sleeping area and the workspace.

Tom Dixon's famous Beat collection works well anywhere in the house - here, a pair of Tall models act as stylish bedroom hangers.

Continued carpet pattern from the living room ensures a constant visual flow throughout the interior.

Sliding wardrobe doors are suitable for limited clearance between walls and furniture.

Bedroom TV cabinets are one of the important furnishings with high decoration so we need to pay attention to this cabinet.

A full photo of the entrance shows a great combination of utility and style.

Natural theme and neutral palette set up for the main bathroom.

Among the natural elements are the surface of stone and wood. Decorative details include small ornamental plants among marble growers, and organic accents like unique laundry baskets.

The mini let toilet is as economical as possible to display additional furniture in the bathroom space.


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