Interior design Mr.Khanh - Vo Van Tan District 3

After a day finding apartment design unit for uncle Khanh couple, the customer finally satisfied with the concept that Angel made. The couple, each with their own design. In order to reconcile them, Angel grafted the pieces of the apartment into a perfect place for both. Please refer to me offline!

Interior design space living room and kitchen.

The first steps in the living room you will feel the warmth of wood and the luxury comes from the surrounding furniture. Their shiny wooden surfaces with their natural brown color make you wonder because they are so good.


Viewing angle to the storage cabinet is arranged a lamp hit the photos that the homeowners prefer. A few wooden vases will make this view a good hit points.

A set of dining room just enough space with sufficient capacity to receive very luxurious guests with 6 soft seats and a dining table of the same color. Because the space of the apartment door has a combination of Tropical style, you will see some of the green furniture of nature to help cool the house.

In the kitchen space, the hidden corner was chosen to place a washing machine with a fridge and light bricks floor for easy cleaning and less floor damage than wood.

The view from the living room to the kitchen is adorned with transparent glass frames showing vibrant kitchen items. In addition, the use of a space under the kitchen cabinet to create a place to provide natural lighting is very effective. Interior design master bedroom space and restrooms.

The walls in the bedroom are used wallpaper stickers with the door trim is a delicate white lace.

Combined with tropical style, the way to create lines of objects as well as the utilization of natural light sources to the near maximum.

When natural light is provided early in the morning, space burns up where you would like to grill forever.



Ultra hygienic toilets allow you to be closer to nature.

Design by Pham & Thuy Vo Angel Interior Design - Breakthrough Ideas - Make a level