Interior design knowledge

Interior design for rent small apartment full of necessary functions

When you choose to buy a small apartment because there is not much money invested, the first to be the most painful customer is the interior design. But that does not care much anymore because we have the team of architects will arrange for you the most reasonable and complete.

A laptop computer doubles as a lightweight sub-panel in the living room. In the distance, the kitchen can be seen from the lounge.

The kitchen is displayed as a single center island.

Two kitchen bars create a dining area at one end.

Kitchen facilities and factories use windows.

Our final layout installed a sofa in the double dining room. It looks like a drawer has been integrated under the space-saving seat.

The other restaurant made this table for two people. The low pendant light makes other dining areas look more stable.

The sofa is a furniture system combined with a loft bed that can be accessed through a narrow door.

The TV and bookshelves extend along the entrance.

The stairs on the raised bed pulled out to reveal the low clothes in the closet.


There are several cabinets in the space behind the TV and bookshelves.


In this revelation, we can see that there is enough space in a loft bed to store the owner’s bicycle in a clean manner.


A large kitchen is also possible.