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Features of modern interior design in the apartment

Industrial wood is processed into beautiful furniture with fake wood color, a little green trees, bright colors, which are the characteristics of modern interior design. In this house, you will see a bit of tradition, a bit of sophistication with the coziness of the wood furniture which is clearly expressed in the design.

Pots in the middle of the living room bring a bit of natural green on the bright white tones background. A natural wooden tea table matches the color of the living room sofa.

The back of the TV is a prominent highlight in the living room as well as create a focus when using the television ..

Inspired by plants, green also appears in decorative vases in the room.

In the corridor, a white shoe cabinet with a large curved edge will be an ideal place for your shoes.

The kitchen is a traditional white with luxurious yellow openings.

A breakfast nestled in the corner with a quiet minimalist design in the kitchen corner.

There is also a more formal meal in the house.



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