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Coordinate concrete elements in apartment interior design

An apartment with artistic interior design with a clever combination of classic style and a bit of Art style. An environment designed in dark colored concrete around the art of color art design will be one of the styles you should consult this year.

Our other living room exhibits art with a classic look, although the furniture options are greatly updated. A rotating wall light is prepared to light the art on the concrete wall when night falls, and brightens up the modern sofa. Panoramic panoramic window of lounge / kitchen / diner in natural light during the day. A large gray carpet gently identifies the waiting area from the rest of the multi-use layout.

An Oda-style lamp stands on a black-featured wall. The original is available here. A two-tone communication unit is suitable for gray concrete walls, and with a white marble fireplace running below it.

The heavy black walls and block-style coffee table are balanced with a sweet pale pink, appearing in a section of the sofa and on some dining chairs.

A small black table serves a sofa.

Above the dining table hung a modern black chandelier, a chandelier of spider Ingo. A wooden dining table is surrounded by beige and pink examples of the Kartell Masters chair.

Open plan room is completed by a kitchen a black wall with a metal island. The black kitchen wall can be used as a chalkboard for notes or personal art. An integrated mirror finishing device shines in the center of the matte black kitchen loan units.

In the main bedroom, a black sliding door is installed on either side of a soft gray modern bed. The door pockets slide out inside the nightstand wall to reveal a wardrobe on the right and a private bathroom on the left. Colorful wall art injects brave personality into a monochrome diagram.

Pink headboard units with black tray tops overlooking the sides of the bed; Unusual bedroom pendant light illuminates each person. The door-to-door wardrobe behind the bed is decorated with a number of wooden blocks, on the wall to use less used clothes and on the floor to collect the shoe collection. The black chests lined up under a spacious garment rail.

The private bathroom on the other side has a concrete wall decoration behind a wooden dressing table with a concrete basin. The toilet is wall mounted and comes with a toilet wall brush, keeping the small room open and spacious. Light marble tiles cover a shower with a letter window.

Pink accents make the return in the children's room, in bed and a cute child seat. Wall-mounted TVs and house-shaped chalkboards bring black notes into children's decorations. A small gray stool stood next to the child's new chalkboard to provide a comfortable place to sit while doodle.

Art bright sing solo in a specific hallway.


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