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Combining 10 bundles of interior design perfect for 3-bedroom apartments

Interior design is the deep inside to create works for homeowners. In particular, the next important thing is still the rational arrangement of furniture as well as feng shui. These are great arrangements for 3-bedroom apartments.

Once again, outdoor space is the key to this three-bedroom design. The floors outside the sides of the house offer a variety of relaxation options while the bedrooms are cleverly arranged to leave space for the work and storage area.


The design of the bedroom is not large, but the living area is concentrated and the courtyard leaves a great relaxation space.


A master bedroom with a private bathroom and two smaller rooms for children and guests are perfectly arranged.


Many homeowners can ignore the luxury of integrated wardrobe, so this design uses the style and practicality of independent wardrobe in each of its three bedrooms.


The simplicity of furniture options in this three-bedroom apartment ensures that it is extremely spacious, while still covering all necessities, such as three bathrooms, office areas, and areas. dining, spacious kitchen and even balcony.

This design recognizes both the importance of outdoor space and privacy by giving each bedroom a private balcony and allowing homeowners to rest in their own corner, or in the formal dining area. and spacious kitchen.

This three-bedroom apartment is bright and airy although it may be lacking in storage with only a few small wardrobes.


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