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Colorful interior design with eye-catching wall paintings

Colorful interior design with eye-catching wall paintings Colorful interior design in this 74-square-meter apartment is filled with drawings. Both designers and customers love the fun and unusual colors in the modern space.

Many colors connect through the length of a unique sofa, marking the living area of ​​an open plan room.

A small green table dislodged the coral color of the sofa and coral colored curtains.

The white-gray kitchen island serves as a backdrop for a more brilliant sofa.

To balance the bold colors and patterns in the room, smooth gray paint softens the remaining walls.

The owner of the apartment and the host's friends are depicted in the art of wall painting, bringing home their own special spiritual home.

In the entrance of the house, wooden walls, doors and shelves are merged in combination with pressing coral colored walls at the door.

In the kitchen island, the pattern chair will be equally unique for your kitchen space.

Door cabinets can be collapsed when not being used at the kitchen space.

After that, the doors can be drawn and closed to hide the clutter - an essential feature for an open plan living space.

A white hood on the cooking island easily blends with the ambient light.

The terrazzo coating on the floor combines sophistication with the color story of the room by including small streaks of coral and dark blue.

The subtle difference gives the image a carefree and youthful vibe, while maintaining the aesthetic attachment.

On the dining table is a stone face with a complete set of stone accessories.

The dominant and green coral color interferes with brilliant blue light spots.


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