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Art of interior design of one bedroom apartment in the direction of Art

Colors in interior design art are coordinated to create more diverse rich spaces. The apartment here will show you the eye-catching of the modern interior dazzling light in unique, fanciful.

Green and red are the key colors in this living room, along with soft furniture with striking modern mural art hanging on concrete pillars - the bad corners of the house are the columns concrete.

A contrasting purple wall opposite the sofa makes the room look young and fresh. A few black decorations and accessories around the room and dark colored artwork will best highlight the sofa.

Copper dining room hanging lights are hung in a row three along the dining table behind the sofa. Bronze tones complement the red accents in art. Two red dining chairs with cheerful colors from the beginning and end of the table are decorated with green trees in areas with sunlight.

The trio of red chairs are prominently decorated at the dark bar.

Dark colored walls will be the best conditions for these not so outstanding artworks.

The Perspex dining table clearly allows natural light from dual aspect windows to go straight through it.

We find many colorful modern art inside the main bedroom, the apartment theme is clearly shown on the headboard. A red bedside table lamp illuminates one side of the bed, while the bedroom lamp is suitable for the other side.

There is also an appropriate floor lamp in the room light, which has been combined with a green chair here.

The bed is a bit dark to match the characteristic concrete color wall. Warm neutral colors work to ease the conflict of red and blue pieces.

A red side table with blue bedroom chairs and modern floor lamps to create a luxurious little resting spot.


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