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Anh Thao house interior design - Binh Tan District 120m2

An apartment is designed in a modern style without fear of metal for the owners of the network of very feng shui. The house that uses a lot of iridescent steel frames incorporating wooden furniture will be great.

Armchair chair will be an interesting option for the largest living room in the townhouse here.

Besides, a little bit of similir's modern sofa will be a good choice along with armchair.

Looking at the iridescence from the iron frame and the cabinet border creates a certain consistency in the design, its alignment is very close to each other.

The tea table is also a perfect design for this design with an iron frame intertwined to create a table leg.

The walls of the TV were clad with stones and the golden rim of gold looked very eye-catching.

Mirrors help the eating and drinking area increase the area more times.

The simple dining table with the same color as the wooden frame adorning the mirror is a homogeneity.


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