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10 shoe cabinets popular in apartment interior design

When entering your apartment, the first and final impression of the house is the shoe cabinet area, a place that is also very important to know if your apartment is neat and has interior design. good or not.

This modern wooden chair with a gray upholstered top will keep your shoes and small accessories organized, helping to keep the clutter to the minimum possible for a cleaner apartment.

The sliding drawer will make sure your shoes are hidden, but it's easy to remove them because they only need to be slightly pulled out.

Like a TV shelf, this shoe cabinet has 2 storage drawers that combine beautifully with iron or stainless steel chair legs to keep them standing harder.

Simple, homely for apartments where a person has few shoes.

This is also one of the most tidy shoe shelves if you do not want to flaunt.

The classic all-round black black shoe cabinet looks simple and sure while you own black western shoes.

A shoe rack combination where shoes change is ideal.

If you want to style a bit more neoclassical style, the style of the black wooden shoe cabinet will satisfy you.

Not only providing the function, this area also creates a very nice photography space.

2 Drawers for MFC wood cabinets with Melamin wood color are often very cheap and luxurious.


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