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10 reasonable design for the bedroom

A 3-bedroom apartment with perfect size will give different arrangement and layout. The following are extremely effective interior designs for families of 4 to 6 people.

This colorful home will be an ideal choice for music lovers, with two spacious bedrooms and living areas, complete with music and stereo storage.

This three-bedroom home is absolutely a combination of natural aesthetics. It not only uses neutral brown and transparent gray, it has four separate outdoor patio areas.


In a spacious design that will be perfect for roommates, this three-bedroom home includes a private bathroom for each room and a private bathroom for guests in the lobby.

Another three-bedroom layout from Angel turns the largest bedroom into a luxurious floor with white marble floors, a chat corner and wingless wardrobe.

Working with a smaller space than some other designs in this round, this three-bedroom apartment still has all the ways to present a modern, comfortable home.

Another three-bedroom home would be ideal for a small family in urban environments. Two smaller bedrooms will work great for siblings. A modern, comfortable, spacious living area for family gatherings while the windows on both sides make it seem even bigger.

This small, three-bedroom apartment still leaves space for a larger family, suitable for siblings in a back room. An outdoor dining area with deck chairs is perfect for warmer weather and has a private entrance from the master bedroom.


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