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10 bedroom spaces combining classic and contemporary interior design

The most elusive interior design styles often fall into designs that combine classic and contemporary elements. If there is no careful balance, these spaces will not be exalted properly as the architects create. Here are the difficult design styles that have been recognized as excellent for the bedroom space.

So how do these features work together as a cohesive and recognizable style? That's because of the characteristics of each style.

Here, round elements such as the bed and matching vanity set this space with modern appeal.

The large area carpet is a piece that includes current trends without the storage compartment decorated with an eye-catching geometric print and adding contrast to the sleek surfaces surrounding it.

 Other architectural elements such as bare ceilings and LEDs provide a perfect modern look. And how to choose a classic leather headboard is also a good match.

This room starts with the nuances of light ice cream, added with sparkling gold accents throughout.

When designing a transition interior that sticks to a neutral color palette, it makes sense to build on a variety of rich textures to create visual interest. This bedroom combines layers of fabric and is surrounded by impressive metals such as wall art and beautiful hanging lights.

A transition design color strategy related to classic-inspired color palettes. Here, the highlights of turquoise and amber colors reflect a popular interior color selection in the 1960s. These lovely shades have such a presence in this sleek bedroom.

A large bedhead in the lightest red focuses on this room, all focusing on the drawing with a circular chandelier at the center.

Transitional bedrooms can also apply darker themes. This is a great job of introducing darker elements while still feeling light and neutral.

A rare example of a bold transition bedroom with bold colors, this bedroom combines Art Deco's clean lines and metal accents.


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